The Nursery

Our Nursery, located on our Jack’s Point lease, sits just downstream of the prime food source, the Great Salt Bay. This shallow salt marsh churns twice daily with the tidal exchange of its warm, fresh water and cool surges from the sea. That temperate, brackish, mix incubates the algae-rich environment that supports the phytoplankton oysters feast upon. Here, our seed is raised in floating mesh bags until they are ready to be planted.



After our seed reaches the appropriate size it is bottom planted at one of three sites down the river. Like single-vineyard wines, each of these three sites develops differently.




It’s not always easy, but at Glidden Point, we love to harvest by hand. Whether we are hand picking through the mud at just the right tide, or diving in the deepest, coldest currents in the river, there’s no better feeling than picking up that end result.



Our Lower Dodge Cove lease lies farther downriver in some of the Damariscotta’s coldest currents. The speed of passing tidal waters in this unique location creates a fresh and fast tidal flow. We allow our mature oysters to rest long enough in these fresh, cold currents to completely purge any silt and sand they might hold. The same icy currents that flush them clean also harden their shells and firm up their meat during this final farming phase.