The retail shop at 707 River Rd in Edgecomb, is stocked with freshly harvested shellfish, where people can purchase our raft-purged, diver-harvested oysters direct from the sea farm. We also sell purged steamer clams, purged littleneck and cherrystone clams, and live lobsters, as well as shucking knives, shucking gloves, t-shirts, and other oyster-related items.

Raft-purged means that after the shellfish has been harvested, it is held in wire cages in a raft where it can filter feed on cool, clean water and naturally cleanse until it is free of grit or sediment.

Shellfish can be bagged with free ice for your local travels, or styrofoam boxes and frozen gel packs can be purchased for longer trips.

Feel free to bring along your own cooler and we can help you pack it for travel.

The shop is seasonal (closed in winter), but generally open from April through Christmas if the weather allows. Please follow us on facebook (Glidden Point Oyster Sea Farm) to see our daily hours of operation.

We are not a raw bar or restaurant, and do not have public restrooms, but we do have picnic tables on the lawn with shucking tools that you may borrow if you prefer not to purchase your own. Shucking directions are provided for you to shuck your own.

Bring a picnic basket with beverages and other food items if you wish. We usually have a volleyball net or other lawn games for your use.