Glidden Point Oyster Company is a family owned sea farm located in mid-coast Maine. We grow oysters in a natural, pristine setting, using no machinery or processing equipment – everything is done meticulously by hand. Our culture techniques, handling methods, attention to detail, and HACCP certified facility combine to produce the finest cultured oysters available anywhere. Satisfaction guaranteed. Since 1987.

Our cultured oysters are well known around the world for their uniform size and shape, deep shell cup, and superb freshness. The flavor is distinct and complex – briny yet sweet, and has come to be recognized as a favorite of oyster connoisseurs. The meat is plump and firm, a benefit of slow cold water growth. Gourmet presentations using Glidden Points have been noted for their elegance and visual appeal as well as for their culinary excellence.

In the 2006 season we harvested and sold over 72 tons of Glidden Point Oysters!


We utilize a variety of low-impact, ecologically friendly culture and handling methods, intentionally going out of our way to do things the hard way, using manual labor and simple tools instead of machinery when possible. We harvest using a variety of methods, including diving, snorkeling, hand-picking, raking, and dragging, using the method best suited for the particular lease site substrate.

Post-harvest, the oysters are then placed in a wet storage float prior to shipping which enhances the quality and shelf-life of the oyster by purging the oyster of grit and allowing it to strengthen prior to shipping. We consider ourselves fortunate to be partnering with the sea, and are proud to be acting as stewards of our growing areas. We have an obligation to the environment, our children, and fellow citizens to conduct ourselves in an environmentally responsible manner. It is our hope to find consumers who will appreciate the extra time, effort and thought which has gone into producing our exceptional oysters.

Glidden Point Oyster periodically partners with neighboring growers to enable us to bring you more of the finest oysters grown on the Damariscotta River. If oysters from neighboring leases meet our stringent quality standards, are from the same genetic seed stock, and cultured utilizing similar management practices, some may qualify to be ‘finished’ in our rafts. Look for new varietal names in our retail shop as they become available.


Native Indians and early settlers of the Maine coast once feasted upon wild oysters from the Damariscotta River leaving behind heaps of shells, charcoal, bones and artifacts piled high on the banks of the upper estuary. Glidden Point is the site of these ancient shell middens, estimated to be 2100 years old. The “Glidden Midden” has been studied extensively by archaeologists and historians. We borrowed the name for our oysters from this local treasure. For reasons unknown, the original natural oyster population, which once supported these early people no longer exists. Today oyster farmers in the Damariscotta River estuary are using aquaculture to continue a pastime of local historical significance.